Barceloneta Beach: A Review

Located in the Cuitat Vella district of Barcelona, La Barceloneta is home to sandy beaches, world-class seafood restaurants, and many of Barcelona’s most iconic nightclubs. While strolling down the boardwalk of Barceloneta Beach, one can see its visitors swimming in the Mediterranean sea, playing beach volleyball on the sand, and even playing water sports such as windsurfing … More Barceloneta Beach: A Review

Guest Speaker: Valentí Sanjuan

As a student in Barcelona, I’m enrolled in many fascinating classes that are very different from my courses at the University of Michigan. In one of these classes, entitled “Journalism 2.0: Communication & Blogging in the 21st Century” we had a guest speaker named Valentí Sanjuan last Wednesday. Valentí is a digital influencer, creative director, and sportsman. He … More Guest Speaker: Valentí Sanjuan

Citizen Journalism: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Citizen journalism is a popular form a journalism that has spread like wildfire across the globe, and can be seen within various media outlets.  Citizen journalism allows anyone, regardless of his or her training in professional journalism, to create and share media using modern technological tools. Citizen journalism has been made possible through new forms of technology and … More Citizen Journalism: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Arriving in Amsterdam

This weekend, I traveled to Amsterdam; a city truly like no other. Similar to the way in which nothing could have prepared me for the beauty that I experienced in my travels to Paris, Florence, and Interlaken, nothing could have prepared me for the sites, scenes, and people that I experienced in Amsterdam. Prior to … More Arriving in Amsterdam