Travels Throughout Spain: Mallorca

For the last post of my three-part series on traveling throughout Spain, I will be writing about my trip to Mallorca. While 99% of my fellow classmates in CEA were on Spring Break inIbiza, I was showing my parents and younger brother around the more family-friendly areas of Spain, and Mallorca was definitely my favorite spot. Mallorca is an island in Spain located in the Mediterranean, and is the largest island within the Balearic Islands archipelago. Similar to the other Balearic Islands such as Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera, Mallorca is a very popular vacation spot, and has amazing beaches, weather, and hospitality.

When my parents told me that they were coming to Spain during my Spring Break, I immediately launched into travel-agent mode, looking up top destinations for families on Spring Break in Europe. Mallorca popped up as a top spot, and I had already heard raves about the island from other friends abroad, so I asked my parents if they would be interested. Shortly after typing “Mallorca” into Google images, my mom was convinced.

Google images of Mallorca

Since my family had never been to Barcelona, they wanted to spend a majority of their time visiting me here.  We decided to go to Mallorca during the middle of their trip, and stayed from Wednesday to Friday. The hotel that we stayed at, Blau Privilege, which is the nicest hotel I have ever (and probably ever will) stay at. Located in PortoPetro, our hotel directly faced the Mediterranean Sea. This aspect of the hotel differentiated it from any other hotel that I’ve stayed at while abroad, and it even had a dining room and outdoor cafe looking over the sea.

During our first day in Mallorca, my family and I walked around grounds of the hotel, exploring its beaches and walking trails.  Here, I discovered that Mallorca truly has the most beautiful, crystalline water in the world.  Or, in the parts of the world that I’ve seen. I also realized that just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s user-friendly, because dipping my toes into the beach’s shallow sent ice-cold shockwaves through my entire body.

Thankfully, my parents share my extreme, if not excessive, love of food.  For this reason, my dad scrolled through TripAdvisor, looking for the perfect spot for dinner.  We ended up going to Es Bergent, a charming mediterranean restaurant on PortoPetro’s harbor.  We started with fresh Mallorcan shrimp and tombet, a traditional dish from Mallorca that is very similar to ratatouille. Since the bill was on my parents, and not me, we also enjoyed flowing wine, lobster paella, and more desserts than four people should consume in one sitting.

A video on how to make tombet, for all of you wishing to recreate my all-time favorite vegetable dish

Our next day in Mallorca was our last full day, so we decided to drive to Cala Mondrago, a beach considered to be one of the island’s most beautiful areas.  Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, we plugged the wrong address into the GPS, and ended up at Cala Mondrago Natural Park.  Cala Mondrago is a beautiful park, filled with fascinating species of animals and plants, and unspoiled walking trails.  However, it is also a spot void of cellular service, leading my family and I to embark on an hour long journey in attempt to find the beach.  After wandering around the park, we eventually found the beach, and I’m so glad that we did.  Cala Mondrago beach was by far my favorite site in Mallorca, and my favorite beach in all of Europe.  Here, we walked along the elevated rocky coves of the beach, looking down on the beautiful, electric blue water. Even though the water was, as I mentioned previously, freezing, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to jump in.  I ended up swimming around the crystal-clear waters of Cala Mondrago until my parents called my name from across the beach, urging me to get out before I got hypothermia (or something along those lines).

Cala Mondrago beach

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