Ana Lopez: a Professional Timeline

On Wednesday, April 5, Ana Lopez of LaLopez held a guest lecture in “Journalism 2.0: Communication and Blogging in the 21st Century” at CEA.  Having started as a journalist, Ana is an inspiring leader in the field of digital marketing, and shared many interesting stories with our class.  Throughout this post I will discuss how Ana went from Point A (earning a degree in Journalism and Anthropology) to Point E (opening her own agency), and everything that happened in between.

Point A: University and Public Relations

After receiving her Bachelor’s in Journalism at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Ana went on to earn a second degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology.  During her time at University, she gained valuable firsthand experience working in the industry, as she worked as a Public Relations and Press Office Assistant at CASA AISA.

After graduating University with two Bachelor’s degrees, Ana furthered her experience working in Public Relations, at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), which is one of the most remarkable exhibition and arts centers in Barcelona.

Point B: Account Management and Masters

After working in Public Relations, Ana Lopez continued her work in traditional communications, at Marco de Comunicacion – Publicis Consultants Network.  Here, she worked in Account Management from 2006 to 2009.  During this time, Ana also earned her Masters in Communication and Advertising Management from ESIC: Business and Marketing School.

Point C: Digital Marketing and Estrella Damm

Once Ana began discussing her entrance into the world of digital marketing and her career at Estrella Damm, it became clear that this professional milestone was one of the most important parts of her career path.  Although she seemed excited while talking about her previous endeavors, it quickly became apparent that Ana is extremely passionate about the work she did with Estrella Damm.

In 2009, Ana started working as a Brand Manager for Estrella Damm.  In this role, she engaged in both traditional and digital media planning, and worked on various facets of Estrella Damm’s Public Relations and Marketing strategies.

In just five short years, Ana was promoted to work as the Head of Digital Marketing for Estrella Damm.  Here, Ana worked as the head of strategic marketing management for all of the Damm group brands, including Estrella Damm, Inedit, and Voll-Damm.  Through her presentation, it was clear that Ana spearheaded many of the ideas behind successful marketing campaigns, including singlehandedly creating all of the Damm group’s social media accounts.  However, it seems that she is proudest of the promotional videos that she helped to create for the company.  The first video that she played for us was released in 2009, and is a promotional music video featuring Estrella Damm.  Upon its release, this video received unprecedented amounts of publicity.  The video received over 2.5 million views on YouTube, and the Swedish band featured in the video went from being unknown to having the most downloaded song in Spain that summer.  Additionally, Estrella Damm brand awareness increased by 225%, and Frontera, the location that the video was shot, became the preferred travel destination that year.

Estrella Damm’s 2009 promotional music video. 

Six years later, Ana helped in the creation of another Estrella Damm video that took the internet by storm.  This short film, entitled “Vale,” featured Dakota Johnson, an extremely famous American actress, and told the comical yet romantic story of a native Spanish speaker trying to win over English-speaking Johnson.  Featuring more than just one language, this video was targeted all over the world, despite issues that arose with Johnson’s international rights.  According to Ana, the launch of this video was even bigger than that of the 2009 music video, as it earned over 6.5 million views on YouTube, and increased brand awareness of Estrella Damm by 95%.

Estrella Damm’s 2015 promotional video, “Vale.” 

Point D:  

Although Ana didn’t go into depth about her experience working in Social Media and Marketing for Imagine Creativity Center, she worked in this role from 2015 to 2017, so I have included it within her professional timeline.

Point E: 

In 2016, Ana founded her own digital marketing consultancy, LaLopez in Barcelona.  Through the wide range of experiences that Ana accrued working in Public Relations, Journalism, Communications, and Marketing, she was able to accomplish what many students in “Journalism 2.0” dream of doing, and start her own agency.  It was truly inspiring to hear Ana tell us about her professional and educational experiences, and according to her retweet I think she enjoyed the experience as well!







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