Barceloneta Beach: A Review

Located in the Cuitat Vella district of Barcelona, La Barceloneta is home to sandy beaches, world-class seafood restaurants, and many of Barcelona’s most iconic nightclubs. While strolling down the boardwalk of Barceloneta Beach, one can see its visitors swimming in the Mediterranean sea, playing beach volleyball on the sand, and even playing water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, if the wind is right.

Two beach-goers , Frank and Juan, came all the way from Argentina to soak up the Barceloneta sun.

Many people visit Barceloneta Beach for the opportunity to lay back and relax in the soft sand while drinking a cerveza or mojito.  However, visitors should be informed that the beach is filled with hawkers, selling everything from alcoholic beverages to on-site massages and ornate tapestries.  While the atmosphere the beach provides is relaxing, the myriad merchants selling their products and services (watch out for the women selling massages – they will start massaging unassuming beach-goers without their permission) can make for a hectic environment.

Merchants on Barceloneta Beach preparing for a long day of sales.


Unsurprisingly, Barceloneta Beach is known for having some of the most fresh and delicious seafood that Barcelona has to offer. One notable restaurant in this area, Barraca, offers its visitors a gorgeous beachfront view, as well as many tasty seafood and paella dishes. Another popular restaurant, Agua, is located directly on the boardwalk, and also overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.  Agua serves up fresh and eclectic seafood, making it the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat along the boardwalk.  Not a seafood fanatic? Have no fear, Barceloneta Beach offers a variety of cuisines.  Popular among many younger visitors, Surf House Barcelona is located right outside on the boardwalk, and serves an array of dishes including their popular “Beach Nachitos” and filling “Infarto” burger.

Surf House Barcelona’s tantalizing “Surfer Nachos”

During the warmer months, visitors fancying a drink can visit one of Barceloneta Beach’s many chiringuitos, which are small beach bars that start on Barceloneta Beach and run North via Platja del Bogatell and Platja de la Marbella.  Chiringuitos are extremely popular among locals and tourists alike, and often present an Ibiza-style experience once the sun sets, as DJ’s host performances.  One popular beach bar among locals, Chiringuita ONA, occupies a prime spot on the beach, and is devoted to using ecological products within their food and drinks.  Unfortunately, due to a combination of noise regulations and issues with planning permission, chiringuitos may face the threat of closure.  It is recommended that visitors of Barceloneta Beach check out the chiringuitos as soon as it is warm enough, in case the city goes through with the threat to close the venue.

After spending an evening at one of Barceloneta’s chiringuitos, or before the warmer months, visitors of Barceloneta Beach can walk over to the Olympic Port and enjoy many of the city’s famous clubs.  Here, club-goers over the age of 18 are able to hop from club to club, taking in the lively nightlife that Barcelona has to offer.  One of the most unique clubs in the area, Ice Barcelona, remains at -5 degrees celsius, and offers its shivering visitors a terrance to relax on, while enjoying a cocktail in front of the Mediterranean sea.  For those who are looking to avoid the cold, this port houses many other clubs, including Opium Barcelona, which is one of Barcelona’s most popular nightclubs. Unlike a majority of the other Port Olympic venues, Opium Barcelona is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages until 6 a.m., allowing its visitors to truly party until the break of dawn.

Released by Opium Barcelona, this promotion video shows the nightclub’s lively scene.

La Barceloneta offers a variety of fun-filled activities for families, void of late-night partying and alcohol consumption.  A popular spot among children, L’Aquarium Barcelona, is one of Europe’s biggest aquariums.  L’Aquarium Barcelona contains an ocean tank filled with sharks and rays, an 80-meter underwater tunnel, and a penguin exhibit for its visitors to delight in.

Slightly off the beaten path of Barceloneta Beach, the Montjuïc cable car is a perfect option for families, and those not afraid of heights, who want to enjoy a spectacular view of the beach against the city skyline. The cable car rides up to the top of Montjuïc mountain, reaching an astonishing 750 meters above the ground.

For visitors looking for a more athletic experience, Barceloneta Beach offers its visitors a wide variety of water sports.  Windsurfing is a popular water sport on the beach, and visitors can rent equipment and wetsuits at Box 220 in Barceloneta, before heading out into the water.  For novices who would like to give windsurfing a shot, two-and-a-half hour lessons are available through Viator.  Kitesurfing is another viable option for those looking to have an adventurous day at sea.  Mojokite, an international kitesurfing company, offers lessons, rentals, and kitecamps, all based in Barcelona.

The beautiful waters of Barceloneta beach are a perfect for water sports.

If you’re looking to work on your fitness without getting wet, look no further than Barceloneta Beach’s unique outdoor gym.  This facility, known as the Street Workout Park Spain, offers pull up bars, high and low bars low bars, parallel bars, and a snake barpull up bar, all directly on the beachfront.  This park was refurbished in 2015 by BarmaniaPRO, and allows beach-goers to parkour, work on calisthenics, engage in a bootcamp workout, or just improve their overall fitness through bodyweight training.

Highlights of Barceloneta Beach can be seen in this video. 

Although Barceloneta Beach is currently a booming area that offers its visitors a cosmopolitan tourist scene filled with bars, water sports, and renowned eateries, it was not always this way. La Barceloneta was virtually uninhabited until the mid 18th century. Naturally fishermen were the first to settle on this seafront land, and it wasn’t until 1754 that construction of the first houses commenced, and the area began gaining popularity among people moving into port-side residences. 

Barceloneta then and now: a comparison of the beach’s early years and today.

Designed by engineer Juan Martín Cermeño, La Barceloneta is a roughly triangular neighborhood.  The markets located in La Barceloneta that are still popular today were originally designed by Antoni Rovira i Trias, a famous Catalan architect, in the year 1873.  While much of Barceloneta Beach has changed from its origins as a fishing district, the markets still remain.  In addition, a sculpture know as L’Estrel Ferit, or “The Wounded Shooting Star” is located directly on the sands of Barceloneta Beach.  This sculpture, created by German artist Rebecca Horn in 1992, pays tribute to Barcelona’s first fishing district.  This innovative sculpture consists of four cubes with large windows, all twisted and seemingly stacked at random.  Horn’s structure serves as a clear reflection of the ground-breaking art that emerged in Barcelona during the Olympic period.

Horn’s sculpture is a popular spot for beach-goers to socialize.

Barceloneta Beach offers the perfect seaside escape for young and old visitors alike.  Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day of sunbathing, an exhilarating water sport adventure, or want to stay up all night and experience Barcelona’s best nightlife, Barceloneta Beach is the place for you. Jump right in, the water’s fine!



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