Stitches? Sitges? Let’s go!

“You’re not going to Sitges on Tuesday?” my friend asked in shock as we looked over Barcelona from the top of Montjuic.  “Stitches? Sounds painful, and I’ve never heard of it,” I said back without hesitation.  She then explained to me that it isn’t “Stitches,” but “Sitges,” and it is home to one of the biggest carnivals in the world.  As someone who loves glitter, beads, parades, and everything in between, I naturally purchased tickets to Sitges Carnaval the second I got home and started googling appropriate attire.

The week of Carnaval was also the week that my two best friends from the University of Michigan were visiting, so I knew it would be a wild night.  After pooling my resources and stalking friends who studied abroad in past years and went to Carnaval, as well as scrolling through Google images (mostly action shots of shirtless men shaking what God gave them), I still had absolutely no idea about what to wear.  Once my friends arrived, we walked around aimlessly near Las Ramblas, until we came across exactly what we were looking for – Party Fiesta.  While in this party store, I ran into about 20 people that I knew from my program and college, all as confused as I was about what on Earth to wear to Sitges.

One of my friends visiting came up with the genius idea for us all to wear multi-color wigs, so we went on and purchased a pink, red, and purple wig, and were on our way.  Walking through the streets of Las Ramblas, we also came across a Claire’s, and I had an idea, just as genius as the wig idea, to buy glittery fake eyelashes to glue onto our eyes and make the night even more blurry (literally).  Lastly, we picked up some blue lipstick, because why look ridiculous when you can look absolutely heinous, right?

Unfortunately, only one of the three of us had a head small enough to fit the possibly child-size wig on our head.  This left one of us with a bright red wig, and the other two with equally idiotic looking hairdo’s.  Thankfully, all three of us were able to glue the glitter lashes right onto our eye.  However, my right eye couldn’t handle that hefty pile of glitter and glue sitting on top of it, and I was left with a half-open eye for the entire night.

Getting ready took us a lot longer than anticipated; apparently it takes a substantial amount of effort to actually look like a clown.  We were left with no time for dinner before the pregame at George Payne’s, but fortunately we were able to run next door and pick up croissants before getting on the “half hour” party bus to Sitges.  I say that this was fortunate because our bus ended up getting a flat tire on the drive there, leaving us stranded on the highway for an extra thirty minutes.

By the time we got to Sitges we were all very ready to party, so we took our complimentary liters of sangria and went on our marry way to the parade.

Highlights from this year’s Carnaval.


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