My weekend as a tour guide

Last week, two of my friends from the University of Michigan visited, and this week, my friend from high school is visiting. Lucky for me, this past weekend marked the three days that all three if these friends, as well as another college friend and three more high school friends, were all visiting for Spring Break.  As well as Abroadfest. And, of course, to see me!

Not only was this weekend my first weekend in Barcelona since I first arrived in January, but it was the first time I had seen most of my friends since January, and the first time I had visitors.  Leading up to this weekend, I had been researching the best tapas restaurants, sights, and museums to visit in Barcelona, in order to ensure that my friends and I had a jam-packed weekend of fun in the Barcelona sun (and rain, but mostly sun).

This past Friday, my friends and I met up for a late lunch at my favorite beach-side restaurant, Surf House.  The weather was perfect, and we were able to sit out on the beach after and watch the waves crash.  Thinking it would be like any other mojito, I urged my friends to buy the mojitos that are sold by individual vendors on the beach.  I’m not quiet sure what was in those “mojitos,” but it definitely was not muddled mint and lime, and we all ended up pouring them out.  Throughout the day, I received many replies to my Snapchat story of the mojito, all along the lines of “don’t tell me you actually bought those mojitos.” Whoops.

Friday night we went to Abroadfest, were I saw more people from the University of Michigan than I’ve ever seen out on a Friday night at Michigan.  Thanks to our Friday night, we got a very, very late start on Saturday, but eventually made our way to Park Guell.  Here, we got every touristy picture anyone could ever want, and my friends got to see the architecture of the elusive Gaudi, who I reference in every other Instagram picture that I post.

Following the park, and our siesta, we went to a tapas restaurant called Vinitus.  It was in this very restaurant, which I found through scrolling through various Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google reviews, that I had my best meal yet in Spain.  There was an hour long wait when we arrived, but they let us order sangria to drink while we waited on a tiny couch for our table, and our food came out lightening-fast once we finally sat down and ordered.

The next day, my college friends left, while Jen and I headed to Las Ramblas to get in some shopping and people watching.  Rookie mistake, since I forgot it was Sunday and that every store on the face of the planet, well on the face of Barcelona, closes.  So, we got in a lot of good people watching, and found a gelateria that was open to grab a snack in.

It’s only Sunday, and I still have five more days with my friend until she leaves for school.  While I studied for my five midterms, I gave my friend a list of places we can go and told her to research them and rank them in order of where she wants to go the most.  Number one on her list is to get a dead-skin eating fish pedicure.  It’s going to be a fun week.

Can’t wait.


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